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Web Compiler

Web Compiler

You can use the webcompiler to edit HTML files along with CSS and Javascript and see results instantly.



CodeHash provides you with multiple practice tracks and 32+ programming languages to improve your programming skills.


Compete in live contests created by top universities to earn points and win exciting cash prizes.
Choose from various types of contests provided by CodeHash.


View where you stand at all times. CodeHash provides site wide as well as contest wide leaderboards.



I've been using CodeHash for the last month, and it's been really helpful and motivating.


If you're able to solve CodeHash problems and have a good understanding of concepts, then you are probably ready for any Technical interview at any organisation.


We are using CodeHash in our organisation for complete lab session , it's helping our students to learn, Analyse the logic and coding.


  • What is Code# ?

    Code# is a place where programmers around the world come together to solve problems in a wide range of Computer Science domains such as algorithms, Data structures, Python, Java,or R-Programming and More, As well as to practice different programming paradigms like functional programming.

  • What is Unique in Code# ?

    Apart from the challenges and practice, Code# provides an inbuilt workspace for everyone to quick start your practice in 32 programming languages.

  • Is it possible to learn Webdesigning in Code# ?

    Yes, Through Web Compiler in complier module you can practice web designing and see the design live.

  • How frequently Code# updates it's challanges ?

    Code# updates it's challanges in a weekly frequency with new challenges every time.

  • Is code# free to use ?

    Yes, Code# is providing most of it's services for free. If user wants to upgrade the workspace, code# is providing packages at feasible cost.

  • Are Code# payments and packages Refundable ?

    No, it's not refundable unless if not received or activate it's services after placed the order.

  • Why should I solve the challanges ?

    For Fun, Learning, compete, jobs or points and more.

  • How do I write my code?

    Each challenge, practice or compiler page has an online editor embedded in the page for you to code in.

  • What happens after I submit my code?

    We run your code against our test cases. Based on the output of your code, you can get the following results:
    Accepted: Indicating your code passed all the test cases! It's time to solve a new challenge!
    Wrong Answer: The output your code produced didn't match the output expected by the test case. Rethink your approach and think about whether you misunderstood the problem or missed a corner case.
    Terminated due to timeout: Your code doesn't solve the problem efficiently enough! If you write a O(2n) solution when n = 100, it will surely time out and you're going to need to optimize your algorithm. The time limits are different for each language (some languages are slower than others), and you can see the limits for all the languages we support at our Environment page.
    Runtime error/Segmentation Fault. Your code terminated unexpectedly. Did you overrun your array? Is your code trying to divide by zero?
    Abort Called. Are you using too many resources? Maybe an array you created is too large and exceeds the memory limit, or an assert statement in your code is failing.
    After you submit your code, hover your mouse cursor over the icon for each test case to view the verdicts and runtime for each test case your code was tested against.

  • Can I share my code or solution?

    Yes, you can share your code only in compilers page and your friend will receive the code with shared folder in compilers page.

  • What is the use of Practice page ?

    Code# provides you to learn the concept and go with handson with customized problem statements on different computer science domains like Data structures, Python, Java, and more.

  • Is my personal information like Mail id and mobile are shared to third parties ?

    No, we never compromise on the customer privacy and code# will never share your data to any third party apps or services. Code# consumes your personal information, your performance report and other information only to provide the better services and oppurtunities. Please refer our terms and privacy pages.

  • Can we reach Code# support team for any product issues ?

    Yes, Code# always cares about the customer reviews and feedback. If any feedback or any issues you can free reach at